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Coffee-to-go has become trendy in recent years. Nevertheless, most consumers underestimate how much waste paper cups generate and their negative environmental impacts. As we cannot assume that paper cups will be banned in the near future, “Cupcycling” aims to give them a second life. Our project is based on the process of upcycling and during the pilot phase we will work on its feasibility. Cupcycling wants to develop a product that is equally sustainable and useful, and that encourages people to change the way they think about paper cups. By collecting and recycling paper cups from Kiel University , a versatile material (resin) will be developed. This material can be further modeled into a wide range of sustainable products. We want to sell our final product principally to the Studentenwerk – whose consumption is around 250.000 paper cups per year - as they can be held accountable for the waste production. If you are concerned about paper cups waste, please support us with your vote !

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