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Le( )Raum is a place to go. Le( )Raum is open. Le( )Raum is a coffee source. Le( )Raum is a working space. Le( )Raum is a meeting point. Le( )Raum is a stage. Le( )Raum is an event platform. Le( )Raum is our dream laboratory.

We want to create a room for all students in Kiel. We call it: Le( )Raum!

Our campaign for this self-managed space will arouse the campus, that has lacked such a room for years. It illustrates Le( )Raum for a moment, right there, where you all can use it. We will claim the campus as ours and let you find out all about some visions for Le( )Raum. And we ask everyone to share ideas with us.

Therefore, we find a construction trailer (Bauwagen) that represents our first small Le( )Raum. We will refurbish it with you, set free some visions and use it as our campaign’s centre. In and around, it will host coffee days, working sessions, cinema nights and dance events. And basically everything you want.



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