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Women account for half of the world’s population and most women experience menstruation. Menstruating for roughly 3-7 days per month, from ages 13-51, means women endure some 456 total periods over 38 years, equaling 6.25 years of life spent menstruating.

Despite all of that, we rarely consider how this affects our health, environment, finances, and promotes a tradition of menstrual taboo.

Regel.Recht is a grassroots campaign offering face-to-face contact among women regarding the holistic topic of menstruation. We will offer workshops & social events to examine the issues that surround menstruation and empower women to take ownership of their bodies and their choices.

Partnering with Ruby Cup, we will increase access to a sustainable alternative-the menstrual cup- to girls on campus for a free or reduced price. Additionally, through a ‘Buy One, Give One’ campaign we will also support girls in the Global South who are disproportionately affected by their periods.



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