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The pursuit of happiness has been a human goal since time immemorial. However, people usually don’t pay enough attention to finding fulfillment and peace within their selves. Our goal is to show people that happiness is attainable in the 'present' and in the 'now', rather than in the far-off future. When people know how to find happiness in everyday life, they are more motivated to help others and care more about different problems that society has to tackle. Including environmental and sustainability issues. At the core of this program is the science-backed finding that happiness can be learnt, just as any other skill set. During a 21-day program 25 participants will have this chance through a set of instructions and activities (incl. the Happiness Calendar and Workbook). We plan to continue with our project by creating our own motivational website and offering online training courses. In addition, we plan to produce and sell the Happiness Workbooks and the 21-Day Happiness Calendars.


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