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Wahdatanz is an inter-cultural dance group that aims to bring refugees and Kiel residents together for bi-weekly Dabke dance practices. Dabke is a Levantine folk dance, performed in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Northern Saudia Arabia, Hatay, a province of Turkey that borders Syria—and soon, Kiel! We’d like to bring this beautiful form of dance to Kiel to give refugees and residents alike a chance to forget about all other worries and enjoy moving their bodies to the rhythm of music, while forming friendships and creating a strong bond between diverse cultures. It will be a fun and a beautiful way to locals and residents to get to know another culture and perhaps to overcome any sense of intimidation or fear they might have toward the unknown.

The product of this cultural exchange will be dance performances in the Kiel area, which will bring a sense of pride and accomplishment to the participants and a rich representation of Middle-Eastern culture to Kiel.



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