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We believe that long lasting change can only happen, when it has an intrinsic motivation. We want to foster inner change in order to support the outer change we desire so much to see. There for we feel the need to create an environment, where we can refocus, get closer to our essence and gain energy back that gets lost along our competitive life styles.
For the pilot project we want to build a yurt at the Waldcampus of Eberswalde, because of space issues. But we want to inspire different places, cities, and countries to provide spaces in public areas like this. It is possible where ever the surrounding is silent enough to guarantee silence inside. We want to provide yoga matts and meditation pillows.
The idea arose from a stay over at the airport of San Francisco. While waiting for the plane I discovered a sign that said: Yoga Room. This room was especially designated for relaxation and yoga practice. Silence was predetermined.

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